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Service Includes
Starter Program 5 sessions
Individual Nutrition Consultation 1 session
Follow-ups 1 hour
Coaching Packages On-going sessions
Computerized Analysis of your dietary intake 1 1/2 hours
Health Equations Blood Draw 1 lab test
Group Nutrition Lecture 1 1/2 hours
The Balanced Approach Cooking Classes 2 1/2 hours each
Cooking Demonstration at your business 2 hours
Private Cooking Classes at your home 2 1/2 hours
Shopping Trip 1 1/2 hours
Special Diet Cooking Program Varies

Our services include:

  • Individualizing your plan
  • Let us take you shopping
  • Blood Testing and Computerized analysis of your diet and eating program
  • Monthly follow ups to monitor progress and ongoing coaching packages
  • Cooking classes and recipes
  • Helping others
  1. Individualize your plan: That's the first and the biggest! Whether it's weight management, optimal sports performance, heart disease, cancer, allergies, auto immune system problems, or irritable bowel syndrome, etc. we can help you create a program. We can help you create a plan that you will enjoy, that will taste good, will help to balance your constitutional type, be appropriate to your everyday life, change with the seasons and help you manage stress. We can show you how to make it easy, simple, and appropriate. Create your plan on based on your specific needs including your constitutional body and personality type, blood type, activity level and sport, and cultural background.

  2. Let us take you shopping whether it's in person or on line. You can add so many fun, new ideas to your everyday plan that will add variety, flavor, and all six tastes to stimulate both your digestion and your taste buds. We can show you different grains, spices, dairy and wheat substitutions that taste good, are real food, and will be easier on your digestive tract so as to increase efficiency. We will give you information on local and national whole food markets, community supported agricultural farms in your area, restaurants, and other companies that are trying to support optimal human existence in alignment with sustainable agriculture, environmentally friendly, cruelty free production of our staple foods.

  3. Blood Testing and Computerized analysis of your diet and eating program. How much protein, how much fat, how many carbohydrates, how much Vitamin C, what about essential fatty acids, etc. etc. Most people seem totally confused about what they need, how much and when. We would like to show you how to figure out your own needs, what to supplement with, and how to keep it simple and appropriate to your activity level and specific needs. Weekend warriors may have different needs on Saturday and Sunday than they do during the week.

  4. Monthly follow ups to monitor progress and ongoing coaching packages. Things change!!! As you make progress you need to readjust and change with the seasons and the weather. We don't eat the same things in January that we do in July. Farmers are bringing up fresh fruit like berries, watermelon, and other sweet, cool fruits and vegetables for the hot summer and heavier, denser things for the fall and winter like squash's, sweet potatoes, root vegetables, etc. Learn how to adjust your program to be more dynamic like your body.

  5. Cooking classes and recipes: Let us offer you recipes and ideas that will be filled with fresh, mostly organic, high quality, easy to prepare, sensual flavors and tastes that you can deal with easily. Classes like Meals in a Minute, Herbs and Spices, Wheat free, dairy free, tofu's and tempeh's, all the classes have an ethnic flair and incorporate the six tastes. We also have specific ethnic classes including: Indian, Italian, Mediteranean, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern and more.

  6. Helping others: By working with The Balanced Approach, you will not only learn how to be more kind and nurturing to your own body, you will also be part of a program that is dedicated to helping Americans learn about how our eating, farming, and production system is effecting our environment. We will donate a portion of your investment to children's education and hunger programs. It seems that we are really considered by the rest of the world to be overindulgent, fat, out of shape Americans. At The Balanced Approach we believe the problem in America is too much fast, processed, nutrient deficient foods and a lack of understanding of tastes and flavors which is causing people to over-consume. We would like to help you find satisfaction so you won't need to binge and starve.

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