Dr. Vasant Lad, MASc: The Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico (505) 291-9696

Dr. David Frawley: American Institute of Vedic Studies, Santa Fe, New Mexico (505)-983-9385

Dr. Nita Desai, M.D. and Ayurveda Boulder, Colorado (303) 444-1999

Dr. Aparna Bapat, BASM: (646) 298-5825, Dr. of Ayurvedic Medicine, New York City and NJ

Dr. Pratima Raichur, N.D. and Ayurvedic Skin Care: (212) 581-8136, New York City

Dr. Scott Gerson, M.D. and Ayurvedic Medicine: (212) 505-8971

Pat Hansen and Hansa Knox: (303) 512-0819, Denver Colorado

Alakanda  Devi:  Alandi Institute:  303-775-1010

Martha Oakes, D.Ay, PPAD, Owner, Florida Postpartum AyurDoula Care (352) 378-3660   

Dr. John Douillard, ND, DC Life Spa, Boulder, CO 303-516-4848,

Rocky Mountain Institute for Yoga & Ayurveda (303) 499-2910


Integrative Medicine:

Lynn August, M.D., Health Equations (800) 328-2818, Newfane, VT

Dr. Steven Rissman, N.D.: 303-477-7370, Denver, Colorado

Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, M.D. (212) 989-9828, NYC, NY

Dr. Nita Desai



Yoga Alliance: 877-964-2255,

Integral Yoga:

Bikram Yoga:

Ashthanga Yoga:

Exhale Mind Body Spa: 212 249-3000,


Institute for Ayurveda and Yoga Mandala: Pat Hansen and Hansa Knox: (303) 512-0819

Eldorado Yoga Ashram and Shoshoni Ashram: (303) 249-1671

Studio Be Yoga:  303 402-1763

Alchemy of Movement:  303 449-4410

The Yoga Workshop:  303 449-6102


Children's Hunger, Support, and Education:

A Well Fed World

Boulder Social Services: (303) 441-1089

Save The Children:

Feed The Children:


Children International:

Hale House:

The Incarnation Center:

Habitat for Humanity:

Results International:


Animal Compassion and Veternarians:

A Well Fed World

Mercy for Animals:

The Humane Society Boulder Valley:

The Humane Society of The United States:

Denver Dumb Friends: (303) 696-4941

Political Voice for Animals:


People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals: PETA

Farm Sanctuary:

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

The Wildlife Conservation Society

The Colorado Animal Welfare Leage (CAWL)

Boulder's Natural Animal: (303) 494-7877, Boulder, CO


Somatic Therapists, 12 Steps/ Addiction Support:

    Lisa Stone

    Mental Health Partners: (303) 443-8500

    Annie Brook: (303) 417-0849

    David Sawyer: (303) 440-9725

    Christine Caldwell: (303)579-5345

    Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families:

    Alcoholics Anonymous:


    Codependents Anonymous:

    Food Addicts Anonymous:

    Overeaters Anonymous:

    Workaholics Anonymous:

Tantra Yoga, Sexuality:

Annie Brook:

Charles and Caroline Muir:


Health Food Stores:

Whole Foods Markets:

Wild Oats:

Vitamin Cottage:

Boulder Co-op:

Community Supported Agricultural Farms, (CSA's)


Sports and Fitness:

Charles Poliquin: 480-966-3840, Phoenix, Arizona

Paul Chek, (800) 552-8789, Encinitas, CA:

Ben Velazquez: (917) 553-8670, NYC, NY

Greg Roskoph: (303) 745-4270 Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), Denver, CO

Body Dynamics Pilates Center, Boulder, CO Contact:  Wendy McClure, Owner 303-440-5776

The Colorado Athletic Club Boulder (303) 501-1700

Michael Scholl: Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, Flatiron's Athletic Club, Boulder, CO (303) 817-1132

Billy Corbett Inside Out Fitness, Denver, CO 303-378-1488,

Thomas Amsden Muscle Activation Technique 303-257-3473,


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