East Meets West: Ayurveda - The Simple Approach
Instructor: Jennifer Workman
Understand the basic principles of Ayurveda by discovering how your body responds to foods, stress, the time of year and the weather. Create a daily routine to balance out your food cravings, exercise, and feel more in control. 


Balance your Cravings
Instructor: Jennifer Workman

Balance cravings by understanding your body's response to food, stress and the environment. 


Pulling All the Diets Together: Create Your Individual Eating Program
Instructor: Jennifer Workman
Put all the confusion about diets to rest. Understand how your blood type, body type, genetic background, sport and Ayurvedic constitution can help you to find a specific food and supplement program that will fit your individual needs.


A Gentle Cleanse
Instructor: Jennifer Workman
How to do a one-, two- or three-day gentle cleanse safely to change your diet for the upcoming season.


Sports Nutrition
Instructor: Jennifer Workman
Optimize your sport with the best diet possible. Learn how to supplement your diet for maximum energy and workout efficiency.



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