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Jennifer Workman has been approved by the American Dietetic Association (ADA), the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) to teach Registered Dietitians and other Fitness Professionals. Members of the ISSA are eligible for thirteen (14) credits, members of ACE are eligible for 1.1 credits, and members of the ADA will be eligible for fifteen (15) credits upon successful completion of the two-day course:


Introduction to Integrative and Ayurvedic Nutrition for Dietitians,
Nutritionists, and Fitness Professionals

Presented by Jennifer Workman, M.S., R.D., C.Y.T.

CEU's:    15 ADA credits,   14 ISSA credits,   1.5 ACE credits,    
(NASM and AAFA pending)

Cost:  Call 303-447-9484 for more information.

Americans are still struggling with health and weight management issues. As we all know, the U.S. is now 60% overweight, spending over $50 billion on weight loss, and $100's of billions on health related issues. Diabetes and childhood obesity are moving into epidemic proportions. It is becoming obvious that the diets aren't working. Yoga and Ayurveda, the 5,000 year-old Eastern medical system, is gaining notoriety in the mainstream medical, fitness, and nutrition worlds.

The combination of Western Sports and Medical Nutrition and the basic principles of Integrative and Ayurvedic nutrition are extremely beneficial in helping clients create specific eating and exercise programs that can that can help them reach their goals, achieve long term satisfaction and compliance, and let go of restrictive dieting.

Jennifer Workman, M.S., R.D., has been incorporating Ayurveda, Yoga, and integrative/complementary nutrition into her practice since 1996. She has achieved tremendous success in helping her clients, maximize health, digestion, and energy, balance cravings, lose body fat, and maximize sports performance. Jennifer's book, Stop Your Cravings (Free Press/Simon & Schuster, 2002) has helped thousands of people gain insight into their specific needs, end their battle with food, find some peace, and reach their goals.

Help your clients learn how to let food and exercise manage stress - not create more!

For more information about The Balanced Approach look us up at and to register please call (303) 447-9484.


Testimonials from "Introduction to Ayurveda for Dietitians & Fitness Professionals":  

"Thank you for this great information; the notebook and articles are a great resource.  This was a great integration of Eastern and Western philosophy.  I'm anxious to attend more education classes in this area."

-           Dianne Wickersham

"I loved this class!  It was a very enjoyable eye-opening experience."

-           Connie Harlow

 "This class was very informing and intriguing.  It explains quite a bit and makes me want to get deeper into Ayurveda.  The class could've been another day long!  So much to remember!

-            Christina Becker

This class was absolutely wonderful!  It has gotten me motivated to get back into my nutrition background and really do what I want!  I am very excited to learn more about it and incorporate it into my own life.

-           Tracy Betz

Excellent, excellent written materials, and the notebook will be so handy to use in clinical practice.  Wonderful workshop - keep up the good work!

-           Mary Ann Evans

Thank you!  It was a wonderful class; after reading so much about [Ayurveda], it FINALLY made sense.  I would love to take further classes.

-           Karrie Bach

This class was very invigorating and actually made me excited about dietetics again!  Thank you for opening the door so nicely.

-           Karen James

Excellent, enjoyed it very much.  Would love to know about any future classes or seminars.

-           Karen Raper

VERY useful synthesis of Ayurvedic Nutrition practices with relevance to "real life" Western life.

-           Erica Viggiano

Great job, Jennifer!  It's a lot of info to assimilate and use - thanks for making it accessible.

-            Jerianne Heimendinger

I enjoyed the past two days so much, and am intrigued & excited to further my learning!

-           Sharon Landers

Great class.  Covered a lot of information without getting too overwhelming.  Thank you!

-           Amy Pagano

Great job clarifying the doshas - I finally feel like I understand Ayurveda and can begin the personal approach to improving my own health and eventually I intend to use it with my clients.

-           Rosine Stout

Jennifer - I am so impressed with your commitment & work in this growing field.  Thank you for sharing it so we can spread it to our clients & family & friends. 

-           Diana Bright

Great class!

-           Rima Andrews


-           Gina Lapin

A wealth of information .

-           Linda Hutchins

Great class - good foundation to Ayurveda.

-            Catherine Dunham

Thank you so much - great class!

-            Jennifer Kerr

This was wonderful!  Thanks.

-           Linda Reineke

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