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Liver Formula


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Supports proper function of the liver*
500 mg. tablets, 90 per bottle

  • Strengthens and rejuvenates the liver and gallbladder
  • Supports healthy elimination of toxins
  • Promotes healthy digestion and assimilation
  • Reduces excess pitta

Ayurvedic Energetics:
  • Rasa (taste): bitter, astringent
  • Virya (action): cooling
  • Vipaka (post-digestive effect): pungent
  • Doshas (constitutions): Balancing for pitta and kapha, may aggravate vata in excess
Herbal Actions:
alterative, antibilious, antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, depurative, diaphoretic, digestant, diuretic, laxative, lithotriptic, purgative, rejuvenative, stomachic, tonic

Traditional Uses:
acne gallstones nausea
allergies general debility skin irritations
biliousness indigestion toxemia
boils liver disorders  
fatigue loss of appetite  

Possible Contraindications:
Use with care during pregnancy

Suggested Use:
Take 1-2 tablets, once or twice daily, or as directed by your health practitioner.

Liver Formula is an excellent detoxifier and rejuvenative for the liver. Cooling herbs such as guduchi, musta and coriander pacify pitta in the liver, reducing the production of bile and acid in the body, and thereby reducing the risk of many associated liver disorders. Healthy digestion is also promoted, aiding in conditions of a sluggish or congested liver. Liver Formula may be beneficial for all individuals, as it helps reduce the toxic effects from food, alcohol, drugs, and environmental pollution.

For biliousness or high pitta conditions, also consider Shatavari
For general debility, use in conjunction with Stress Ease

Supplement Facts:
Serving size: 1 tablet
Servings per container: 90
Each 500 mg tablet contains: Bhumyamalaki herb (Phyllanthus fraternus)*, Guduchi herb (Tinospora cordifolia)*, Kutki root (Picrorhiza kurroa), Bhringaraj leaf (Eclipta alba)*, Punarnava root (Boerhaavia diffusa)*, Manjista root (Rubia cordifolia), Musta root (Cyperus rotundus)*, Amalaki fruit (Emblica officinalis)*, Bibhitaki fruit (Terminalia belerica)*, Haritaki fruit (Terminalia chebula)*, Pippali fruit (Piper longum)*.

* Certified organically grown.

Other ingredients, from natural sources: rice maltodextrin, stearic acid (from vegetable oil), cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate (from vegetable oil).

Banyan Botanicals contain no animal products and are suitable for vegetarians.
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